Foster & Foster is a national, independent actuarial and consulting firm that services multi-employer Taft Hartley pension and welfare funds across the United States. We have worked with multi-employer clients since 1960 and have a dedicated staff with over 75 years of experience serving multi-employer clients. Our firm works with funds of all sizes and from nearly all trades. Our clients funds range in size from 500 to 30,000 union members.

We partner with our multi-employer Taft Hartley fund trustees to identify the unique challenges that each fund faces, and design customized solutions to address these challenges. The innovative solutions we bring are developed within a multi-year strategy that will address both the short-term challenges as well as the long-term direction for each fund. This strategic approach is delivered with unmatched service from our group of consultants and actuaries.

The ideas we bring are unbiased as we do not accept commissions and all our client teams have at least one credentialed actuary from within our organization. Foster & Foster employs 29 consultants, including 11 credentialed actuaries and 4 FSAs (highest designation). The firm does not outsource any of our actuarial work. One of the many features that set Foster & Foster apart from our competitors is the personal service and responsiveness we guarantee our clients. Our goal is to make each client feel like they are our only client. Our success in doing so is evidenced by our client retention rate.

Below is a list of the services we provide for our multi-employer plans:

Retirement Benefits

Actuarial Services:
Annual actuarial valuation and review, including Schedule MB
Interactive projections and strategies under the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA)
Withdrawal liability calculations and related services
Experience studies
Calculation of individual retirement benefits for retiring employees

General Consulting Services:
Design and pricing of benefit schedules and plan improvements
Cost containment and funding analysis
Trends in benefit design and legislation
IRS tax qualifications
Plan mergers and spin-offs
Qualified Domestic Relation Orders (QDROs)

Health & Welfare Benefits

Actuarial Services:
Annual actuarial report
Postretirement medical analysis and actuarial reporting
Contribution and self-pay rate calculations
Medicare Part D attestations and coordination with CMS

General Consulting Services:

Benefits strategy development
Innovative benefit design improvements and cost analysis
Cost containment and funding analysis
Benchmarking and data analysis
Plan mergers and spin-offs
Wellness/health improvement strategies
Vendor bidding and analysis of proposals:
Medicare plans
Stop loss
Utilization review
Trends in benefit design and legislation

Compliance Services

Affordable Care Act analysis and impact reports
Preparation of Plan Documents
Preparation of Summary Plan Descriptions
Review of current documents for compliance with government rules/regulations
Application and implementation of Plan provisions
Fund administration support
Claim review

Communication Services

Personalized benefits statements
Summary plan descriptions
Summary of material modifications
Summary annual reports
Legislative changes
Annual enrollment communications
Retiree communications
Health and welfare programs, including wellness, disease management and health risk questionnaires