foster   fosters Foster & Foster is an independent national actuarial consulting firm that specializes in providing innovative consulting services to the following entities:

1) Public pension plans

2) Public post-retirement medical plans

3) Public and private active health plans

4) Taft-Hartley pension plans

5) Taft-Hartley post-retirement medical plans

6) Taft-Hartley health plans

Foster & Foster was founded in 1979 by Ward and Eileen Foster with a mission to provide actuarial consulting services to public pension funds. Mr. Foster’s impeccable integrity, quick wit, commitment to trustee education, and his insatiable desire to provide personal service for a modest fee propelled the firm to steadily grow and become the market leader for actuarial services in the State of Florida.

In 2005, Mr. Foster began phased retirement and turned over the reins to Brad Heinrichs, who has helped Foster & Foster triple its client base, quintuple the staff, and begin providing actuarial consulting services nationally. In 2008, Foster & Foster made a commitment to the Midwest by opening an office in Lincolnshire, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. In 2010, this commitment was furthered by Foster & Foster’s acquisition of R.N. Blomquist & Company, a firm that provides Taft-Hartley health and welfare consulting services. Foster & Foster’s dedication and commitment continues to resonate well in this market, as we now provide Taft-Hartley annual reports, Taft-Hartley pension valuations, or public plan pension valuations to over 600 plans in the Midwest.

With clients having as few as 5 or as many as 180,000 members, Foster & Foster is small enough to provide customized solutions and personal service to all clients yet is equipped with the resources capable of servicing the largest plans in the country. By developing innovative plan designs and continuing our commitment to trustee education, our firm has partnered with clients to find ways to make their contribution dollars go further and last longer.

Foster & Foster Welcomes

Metro Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (June 2015)

Orange Park Firefighters’ Pension Plan & Trust Fund, Plan Administration Services  (June 2015)

San Diego Unified School District (July 2015)

Punta Gorda General Employees’ Retirement System, Plan Administration Services (July 2015)

Palm Harbor Special Fire Control & Rescue District, Plan Administration Services (August 2015)

South Pasadena Firefighters’ Retirement System, Plan Administration Services (August 2015)

Village of Harwood Heights Police Pension Fund (August 2015)

River Grove Police Pension Fund (August 2015)

North River Firefighters’ Retirement Trust Fund, Plan Administration Services (August 2015)

Dallas Area Rapid Transit Authority (October 2015)

Harvey Police Pension Board (November 2015)

Village of Huntley (November 2015)

Odessa Firefighters’ Relief and Retirement Fund (December 2015)

Village of Roscoe Police Pension Fund (December 2015)

Temple Terrace Police Officers’ Retirement Fund, Plan Administration Services  (February 2016)

Neptune Beach Police Officers’ Retirement Fund, Plan Administration Services  (February 2016)













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