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This is Integral, a podcast devoted to the business professionals, leaders, and life-long learners working tirelessly to help those who are helping us. Subscribe on your favorite podcasting platform to hear the voices and philosophies of the most esteemed team members of Foster & Foster and
what they are doing to service their vast clientele.

Topics of discussion with ownership, industry partners, team members and clients will involve the formation of the firm, its exponential growth in recent years, the challenges they have faced, the successes they have shared, and how they are responding to current events and changes within their respective industries.

Integral functions to challenge the listener’s perception of a successful business and the values that shape it. In our line of work, taking the moral high ground to offer each client the best possible benefits is indispensable, and this podcast is a reflection of that.

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About Us

Brad Heinrichs (President & CEO)

Heinrichs has taken several steps to grow and diversify Foster & Foster since stepping in as President and CEO in 2005. His mission, provide actuarial consulting services to clients who serve the greater good and make each client feel like they are F&F’s only client. This philosophy has resonated well in the industry and is a major reason why Foster & Foster is recognized as a national brand.

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Travis Smith (President of Health & Welfare)

Smith finds passion in taking care of the people who take care of us. He has been doing so with Foster & Foster for over a decade by working with medical professionals to provide honest, practical, and data-driven services specific to any client’s individual needs. Throughout his career he has developed a vast knowledge of our country’s healthcare system and has the necessary tools to help those in need.

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