Foster & Foster Acquires Wisconsin-Based Key Benefit Concepts and California-Based Demsey, Filliger & Associates Deals Will Further Extend Foster & Foster’s Reach in the Midwest and West Coast Actuarial Consulting Markets

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FORT MYERS, FL — Foster & Foster Consulting Actuaries, Inc., a premier actuarial and health and welfareconsulting firm based in Fort Myers, Florida which currently works with over 1,300 public pensions andhealth and welfare plans in the United States, announced today that it has completed the acquisitions ofWisconsin-based Key Benefit Concepts, LLC (KBC) and California-based Demsey, Filliger & Associates,LLC (DFA). … Read More

IRS Issues New Mortality Table Regulations Effective January 1, 2024

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On October 20, 2023, the IRS published final regulations under Section 430(h) of the Code regarding the mortality tables to be used by most qualified defined benefit plans for valuation dates on or after January 1, 2024. Key changes from the prior regulations are summarized below. The annual static mortality tables from the regulation will also be used for purposes of … Read More

IRS Updates Mortality Basis for Funding and Lump Sum Calculations

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On April 28, 2022, the IRS released proposed regulations on the mortality tables used to determine present value for minimum funding purposes. The proposed regulation is an update to the current regulations under Section 1.430(h)(3)-1. The following are a few of the key provisions of the proposed regulations. The base mortality tables would be derived from the tables set forth … Read More

Infrastructure Bill Includes Additional Pension Smoothing Relief

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Last week saw the President signed an infrastructure bill into law.  Within that law was additional smoothing relief for defined benefit pension plans.  Earlier this year, ARPA changed the stabilization corridor used in establishing interest rates for minimum funding requirements.  The new law would further modify the corridors used, as shown in the tables below.  The corridor will expand now … Read More

SOA Releases Mortality Improvement Scale MP-2021

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When the Society of Actuaries (SOA) released the RP-2014 mortality table in 2014, they included mortality improvement scale MP-2014.  The purpose of this scale is to reflect mortality improvement into the future, since one would expect future mortality rates to be lower with further advances in health and medicine. A practice was then started to update this improvement scale annually … Read More

Integral Episode 12: Advocating for You

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Travis Smith and Heidi Andorfer (Retirement Consultant) discuss what Foster & Foster is doing every day to advocate for their clients and provide the best possible benefits.  Subscribe today at: Apple Link: Spotify Link: Google Play Link: Reach out to Travis Smith and Heidi Andorfer directly: Travis Smith:Phone: (630) 620-0200Email: Heidi Andorfer:Phone: (630) 620-0200Email:

Integral Episode 11: Prescription Drug Pain Points

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Travis Smith and Kurt Baxley (Senior Consultant) talk about the state of prescription drugs and Baxley’s eventful interview with Foster & Foster. Subscribe today at: Apple Link: Spotify Link: Google Play Link: Reach out to Travis Smith and Kurt Baxley directly: Travis Smith:Phone: (630) 620-0200Email: Kurt Baxley:Phone: (630) 620-0200Email:

Integral Episode 10: Mr. Davidson Goes to Florida

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Brad Heinrichs and Jonathan Davidson (Chief Legal Officer) chat about how they met, what drew Davidson to Foster & Foster, and debate if it’s better to get a beer with a group of actuaries or lawyers. Subscribe today at: Apple Link: Spotify Link: Google Play Link: Reach out to Travis Smith and Brad Heinrichs directly: Travis Smith:Phone: (630) 620-0200Email: … Read More

Integral Episode 9: Trustee Series with Jason Franken

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Jason Franken (President/Principal Actuarial Consultant) answers questions related to retirement plans. Topics include: Funded ratios, negative amortization, and actuarial assumptions.  Subscribe today at: Apple Link: Spotify Link: Google Play Link: Reach out to Travis Smith and Jason Franken directly: Travis Smith:Phone: (630) 620-0200Email: Jason Franken:Phone: (630) 620-0200Email:

Integral Episode 8: Kevin Chesniak, Executive Director at LINECO

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Travis Smith and Kevin Chesniak (Executive Director at LINECO) discuss the partnership between Foster & Foster and LINECO and the great work his members do every day. Kevin provides insights on his career and valuable leadership principles.  Subscribe today at: Apple Link: Spotify Link: Google Play Link: Reach out to Travis Smith directly: Travis Smith:Phone: (630) 620-0200Email: