Foster & Foster Expands Plan Administration Services to Illinois Fire and Police Pension Funds

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Foster & Foster’s Plan Administration Division was established in Fort Myers, FL in 2013 and currently provides third-party administration services to over 40 Florida pension plans. The administrative responsibilities vary based on client needs, but may include services such as:

  • Administration of Meetings – Prepare Meeting Agendas, Packets and Minutes
  • Facilitation of Trustee Elections and Annual Affidavits Certifying Pension Eligibility
  • Interaction with Pension Fund Attorney, Accountant, Actuary, Investment Professional and Other Entities to Ensure the Transmittal of Information is Seamless and Efficient
  • Electronic Management of Pension Fund Documents and Member Files
  • Secure Portal for Pension Fund Board Trustees and Members

Foster & Foster’s Plan Administration Division offers more than 65 years of combined experience administering public pension plans. Team members include:

Allie Rysell
Allie began working with Foster & Foster in October 2019 to spearhead our Illinois Plan Administration Division. Allie has attended over 250 board meetings over the past four years, working exclusively with Illinois Article 3 & 4 Pension Funds, Fire Districts and Commissions, and has provided exceptional administrative support services. Allie has developed close business relationships with her clients, pension fund members, investment professionals, and attorneys. She has been a speaker at several conferences for the IPFA, IPPFA, AFFI, IPPAC and IGFOA, and brings a wealth of pension fund knowledge and experience to Foster & Foster.

Barb Utterback
Barb is the newest member of the Illinois Plan Administration Division, and she comes to Foster & Foster with over 25 years of administrative experience. Barb has worked with pension funds trustees, attorneys, investment professionals, municipalities and fire districts. She has also been a speaker at many Illinois pension seminars and conferences. Her first-hand knowledge of the administration of pension funds is a huge asset to Foster & Foster.

Please contact Allie Rysell at or 630-620-0200 with any questions about our services.